Friday, March 28, 2014

Space Truck'n Episode 12: Treasure Hunt part 4

[SPOILER WARNING: Continuing play on the X3:TC Treasure Hunt quest.]

More clues, more sectors. The next few clues too a bit of study, but at least I wasn't getting ambushed at every turn. Lots of searching and solving the clues. Oh, and another asteroid.

I bought and setup another miner to come by and blast the rock, then the search continued.

At last.
Once I solved the last clue, it led me to a Xenon sector. I flew there, but found many Qs right inside the gate. I decided to give the a little chase to move them away from my target. Then jumped back to the gate.

Then I had no trouble finding the ship remains.

Then the "cargo" appeared and tried to bail out. It seemed that "Treasure Hunter" had gotten there. I wasn't about to loose this prize. I opened fired till he bailed out.

Wait... is that...?
I was contacted by the Argon authorities, who wanted me to bring this guy in. They said they would dispatch a ship to pick up the ship.

A bit after dropping him off they contacted me again. They had learned where the crew of the convoy ship are being held. I bought myself a transporter device and took off. Rescue time.

Beam'm up!
After taking out the ship's escort, I took their shields down and was able to beam the crew over. I decided there was no need to destroy this ship, so once the crew was safely on board, I jumped back to Argon Prime.

As a reward I got the "cargo". A nice piece of history... and not a bad ship either.

The Xperimental Shuttle.
On the way out of the sector, something odd happened. Several Split ships showed up in the sector and started attacking... everything. The Argon responded in kind and I just tried to keep out of the cross fire.

This is bad for business.