Monday, March 24, 2014

Space Truck'n Episode 10: Treasure Hunt part 2

[SPOILER WARNING: Again, I am playing through X3: Terran Conflict's Treasure Hunt plot. I try to keep specifics out, but there may be spoilers.]

2nd Clue
I didn't understand what the second clue was talking about, so I started checking my map. It didn't take too long for me to find the reference, and now I had the numbers I needed. Unfortunately, I forgot the sectors start at 0,0 (not 1,1) and got a bit lost for awhile.

Found you.
Once I got the right sector, I flew around looking for anything out of the ordinary. Soon I found what I needed: another data storage device.

3rd Clue
I took a guess at what sector the third clue was talking about, and jumped in.

I just can't resist blasting Qs.
There was some heavy traffic, so I figured I'd clean things out a bit by blasting away at one of the Xenon Qs that was nearby.

Damn, your buddies are on their way. 
Things would have been fine, but two others showed up and blasted my shields away. I fled, but my hull had taken some heavy damage and slowed me down quite a bit.

Dodging Xenon Q fire.
... and more fire ...

... and still more.
When I got out, my ship was in bad shape. I found a safe spot and started some repairs. It was going to take awhile, but I needed to think of how I was going to handle this situation.

Yeah, I am cheap.
The clue also mentioned "keepers" which might mean the Xenon, or something else. In any case, I wanted something watching my back. I decided to get some fighter drones before I went back in.

Drones away.
When I got back in the sector, I took a hard left and kept moving away from any ships. There was a Kha'ak cluster in the sector now and I didn't want to get in the middle of that and the Xenon. When I got to what I thought was far enough out, I turned right and started scanning. To make sure I was covered, I dropped half of my drones out.

I found a canister in the middle of nowhere, but when I got close it exploded into dozens of drones. I dropped the rest of mine, and then tried to clear them out.

Drone Fight!
 Once they were gone I picked up another data device.

Clue 4
I tried to read the clue there, while my drones calmed down, I wanted to try and pick them back up, but it seemed that a Q had decided to visit. I jumped out leaving my drones to swarm the Q. The next clue will have to wait till I dock and get more drones.

Things are probably going to get worse before this is over.