Sunday, March 30, 2014

Space Truck'n Episode 13: A New Home

[SPOILER WARNING: Uh... another plot... I promise to take a break from them after this.]

I wanted to get back and start doing some jobs for various faction. I was no fan of the pirates, but being on good terms with them, might mean that I can lower my cost of replacing the satellites that they keep destroying.

But before I could do that I got a message. I had been reviving a request from a Jeff Marxon, for a bit, but I had ignored it. I finally decided to see what he wanted, and it seems that a Xenon CPU ship was flying through Danna's Chance. I jumped in to check it out.

I flew in and saw the ship, but then it jumped away. I was notified that it was now in Freedom's Reach, attacking a station there. The jumpgates were no good, as it had them covered. I would need to use my Unfocused Jumpdrive to get into the sector. Before that, I needed to get a TM ship so I can get the people off the station and out of there. I bought an Argon Magnetar and maxed out it's upgrades.

A ship, that can dock ships!
 After several unfocused jumps to unknown sectors, I finally arrived in Freedom's Reach. I was far outside the area. I transferred to one of my fighters, and had a second follow and protect me. Something destroyed this ship as I drew close. Somehow the CPU ship seemed to be able to initiate a self-destruct. I kept my Magnetar away and flew in close.

Above it all.
 I got close to the station, and picked off a few of the Xenon ships that were attacking it. There were to many for me to take on, so I had to get back to the Magnetar and get those folks out of there.

The Station, Swarm, and CPU.
I got all the survivors on board and jumped out, but I also revived some sort of encrypted message... from the CPU ship. I took the survivors to a safe location. Then, I started to looking into the message. There is a Boron that has made a life study of the Xenon, so I was off to find him and see if he could decrypt the message.

 He was last seen in a Boron sector that I hadn't been to before, so it was time to do some travelling. I bought a Pegasus to scout ahead and have the Magnatar jump in when I had found the sector.

It's fast and... well that's enough.
 I found the station, but only learned that he had gone to Aldrin. I jumped in there and started checking with the stations. When I found him, he took a look at the message and said that he would get back to me soon.

Cool shipyard, too bad he wasn't here.
 When he got back to me, he has more info that I had expected. He told me that this CPU ship was trying to contact another. One that had become sentient! This CPU ship had been given a sector away from the known universe in order to live in peace. I would need to jump there and see if this CPU ship could help us.

I hope this is a good idea.
When I found the ship, it did say it would help. It needed me to help get past the firewall of the other CPU ship then it could help it.

We jumped to the sector, and then I moved just inside of the max distance in order to make contact and begin breaking down the firewall.

Arg, numbers!

. . . Sudoku?
Once the firewall was down the ship "recovered". It seemed that this ship was on its way to becoming self aware, but that some human had introduced code, the same code that had created the initial Xenon war.

I took him to the Military Outpost in Elena's Fortune. Then a Teladi told me that they would like to thank me for saving them and the station. I was told that I could get my very own sector. I dropped him off, and he was to look into getting the paperwork drawn up.
Good luck.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Space Truck'n Episode 12: Treasure Hunt part 4

[SPOILER WARNING: Continuing play on the X3:TC Treasure Hunt quest.]

More clues, more sectors. The next few clues too a bit of study, but at least I wasn't getting ambushed at every turn. Lots of searching and solving the clues. Oh, and another asteroid.

I bought and setup another miner to come by and blast the rock, then the search continued.

At last.
Once I solved the last clue, it led me to a Xenon sector. I flew there, but found many Qs right inside the gate. I decided to give the a little chase to move them away from my target. Then jumped back to the gate.

Then I had no trouble finding the ship remains.

Then the "cargo" appeared and tried to bail out. It seemed that "Treasure Hunter" had gotten there. I wasn't about to loose this prize. I opened fired till he bailed out.

Wait... is that...?
I was contacted by the Argon authorities, who wanted me to bring this guy in. They said they would dispatch a ship to pick up the ship.

A bit after dropping him off they contacted me again. They had learned where the crew of the convoy ship are being held. I bought myself a transporter device and took off. Rescue time.

Beam'm up!
After taking out the ship's escort, I took their shields down and was able to beam the crew over. I decided there was no need to destroy this ship, so once the crew was safely on board, I jumped back to Argon Prime.

As a reward I got the "cargo". A nice piece of history... and not a bad ship either.

The Xperimental Shuttle.
On the way out of the sector, something odd happened. Several Split ships showed up in the sector and started attacking... everything. The Argon responded in kind and I just tried to keep out of the cross fire.

This is bad for business.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Space Truck'n Episode 11: Treasure Hunt part 3

[SPOILER WARNING: The following may contain spoilers for the X3:TC Treasure Hunter quest.]

I was beginning to wonder if this "treasure hunt" was really just some sort of elaborate trap or some sick game. Did this seller want to be found or was I going to keep following these clues to my death?

Hint 4
 The next clue took me awhile. What sector has four suns? How should I know? The Universe map again, held the answer, but it took some. I looked it over once, and couldn't find a sector that fit, so I did a bit of jumping an exploring beyond a few gates that I had not been through yet.

Needs better filters.

Eventually I found the right sector and jumped in. There were several nav beacons spread around, but approaching them caused a bunch of Xenon to jump in. I don't know who this joker thinks he is, but I was not laughing.

After clearing out most of the beacons, I still hadn't found the one that held the clue, and was starting to doubt it even existed. To speed up the search I bought a Disco and had it fly out and start mapping the sector.

Two are better than one.

Still, this was taking too long. Then I saw a Barracuda for sale. I picked it up, repaired the hull, then jumped in to get it outfitted to help with the search.

Boron ships are... interesting.

After getting it fit with shields and some speed upgrades, I transferred over to it and started back my search.

Found you!

I found the beacon I was looking for, and was getting ready to fly back to my Vidar if Xenon appeared, but then something strange happened. I was jumped (or should I say pulled) into another sector! Luckily there was no hostiles around (I had shields but no weapons).

Where am I now?

I got the data storage device and found my way back to my Vidar. Now I was really mad. I wanted to get to this guy now, not for the "treasure" but to punch him in the face.

On the way back I saw another ship for sale, a Buster Raider. I picked it up and repaired it. Even if I didn't use this ship, I could sell it for a gain after the repairs... but I was also considering needing some fighter escorts. Things were getting dangerous and I might need some backup.

Vidar and Buster.

For now I sent my Disco, Barracuda, and Buster to the nearest ship yard. I'd figure out what to do with them later. Now, I had to figure out the next puzzle....

An Anagram...sigh.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Space Truck'n Episode 10: Treasure Hunt part 2

[SPOILER WARNING: Again, I am playing through X3: Terran Conflict's Treasure Hunt plot. I try to keep specifics out, but there may be spoilers.]

2nd Clue
I didn't understand what the second clue was talking about, so I started checking my map. It didn't take too long for me to find the reference, and now I had the numbers I needed. Unfortunately, I forgot the sectors start at 0,0 (not 1,1) and got a bit lost for awhile.

Found you.
Once I got the right sector, I flew around looking for anything out of the ordinary. Soon I found what I needed: another data storage device.

3rd Clue
I took a guess at what sector the third clue was talking about, and jumped in.

I just can't resist blasting Qs.
There was some heavy traffic, so I figured I'd clean things out a bit by blasting away at one of the Xenon Qs that was nearby.

Damn, your buddies are on their way. 
Things would have been fine, but two others showed up and blasted my shields away. I fled, but my hull had taken some heavy damage and slowed me down quite a bit.

Dodging Xenon Q fire.
... and more fire ...

... and still more.
When I got out, my ship was in bad shape. I found a safe spot and started some repairs. It was going to take awhile, but I needed to think of how I was going to handle this situation.

Yeah, I am cheap.
The clue also mentioned "keepers" which might mean the Xenon, or something else. In any case, I wanted something watching my back. I decided to get some fighter drones before I went back in.

Drones away.
When I got back in the sector, I took a hard left and kept moving away from any ships. There was a Kha'ak cluster in the sector now and I didn't want to get in the middle of that and the Xenon. When I got to what I thought was far enough out, I turned right and started scanning. To make sure I was covered, I dropped half of my drones out.

I found a canister in the middle of nowhere, but when I got close it exploded into dozens of drones. I dropped the rest of mine, and then tried to clear them out.

Drone Fight!
 Once they were gone I picked up another data device.

Clue 4
I tried to read the clue there, while my drones calmed down, I wanted to try and pick them back up, but it seemed that a Q had decided to visit. I jumped out leaving my drones to swarm the Q. The next clue will have to wait till I dock and get more drones.

Things are probably going to get worse before this is over.

Space Truck'n Episode 9: Treasure Hunt part 1

[SPOILER WARNING: I started the treasure hunt. I've left off some of the exact details of this mission, but there are some spoilers here.]

Alright, I decided that it is time to get some satellites out. I had sent one of my Rapiers out, to get some, only to realize later that it didn't have M sized cargo containers. Fine, I'll send my Buster out to get the job done. I did some other management with my ships, then decided to check out a few gaps on my universe map.

First, I had to take a quick shortcut through a Xenon Sector. I wanted get some revenge, but after losing almost all my shields, I decided to just keep moving on.

I hate Xenon, soooooo much.

I also took a quick trip across a pirate sector where I noticed one of the stations nearby had an "offer" posted. When I contacted the station, a Teladi offered me some info on a missing ship. It would cost me 50,000 cr, but I had the funds.

He told me that a Yaki ship with some precious cargo had been spotted in a remote sector. I hadn't been there before, and wanted to do some exploring.

This sector has a lot of rocks!
When I got to the sector I found a ship hanging out. I tried to hail, but didn't get any response. I decided to take a bit more aggressive approach to get him to reply.

Hello? Anyone home?
He had deployed a satellite in the area, so I blew it to dust. Then I took out one of the laser towers. After that, he decided that I was worth talking to.

He said that he had seen a ship pass through the area, but I'd have to replace his satellite before he'd tell me. I didn't have one one me, so I had to jump to Argon Prime, pick it up and more energy cells, then jump back.

It seems that the Yaki ship had passed this way, and the owner wanted to sell off his precious cargo. To find the seller, I'd have to decipher a set of clues.

Oh, boy....
I figured out where the clue was pointing me, and I jumped there. It also seemed that the next clue was going to be hidden inside an asteroid. I picked up a mineral scanner and began checking them.

So I searched and searched.
Found it, but my weapons have no effect!
After finding it, I didn't have any weapons that could crack this rock. So, I called in my Miner-1 and jumped over to it real quick.

Turret is in the back, have to turn.
A data storage device was hidden inside. I grabbed it and found the next clue. This one was a bit more difficult. I'd have to try and figure out what it means by "Foundation Guild HQ". I hope this is going to be worth the headache....

Where to now?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Space Truck'n Episode 8:

[SPOILER WARNING: Several parts of the X3:TC Goner Plot are detailed below.]

So I take a look at my ships again. I set up my Vulture Tanker as a sector trader in Scale Plate Green. I still need to get a ship out to get the explorer software and get some satellites set up around here. I send one of my Rapiers off to Teladi space to get some software.

In Elysium of Light, the Goner tell me that they need 2000 units of ore to help get their temple construction project back on track. I'd need some transport ships. Since my Vulture was already set up for a sector trader I leave it, and jump to my Caiman Tanker I left in Split space.

Goner Oziam (wonder if I can cap it?)

I make sure it has shields and some other base equipment, but then have it follow me back. I don't want to have it autopilot into Xenon space. So we take the long way through some sectors I haven't explored before.

On the way I find another Caiman Tanker for sell. I buy it and have it follow me too. With a quick pit stop to make sure that ship also had some shields, then we pass into Mines of Fortune. I have both load up on ore.

Just then I get a message that a Xenon Q had destroyed my ship in Scale Plate Green. Arg! Are these Xenon attacks increasing? I'm going to have to go hunting...

I also get a message about an Argon convoy that was attacked by the Yaki. Not sure what that is about, so I ignore it and keep going on.

Finally I make it back to Elysium of Light and drop off the Ore. So I have all the ships dock at a nearby station and move over to one of the tankers. Now I take the two ships south to get more ore.

Ah, back to hauling ore... there is something nice about getting back how you started out. After the next trip all the ore is delivered, but now they need silicon wafers. Just 200, so that should fit on just one ship, I haul it and get my pay.

Haul'n Ore

After the ore and silicon they now need some teladianium. This is just a quick jump, buy, jump back and another paycheck. They didn't have any immediate work for me, so I decided to head out to Scale Plate Green for revenge.

Die Xenon!

After blowing the Xenon Q to scrap, I get a call back from the Goner. They ordered some teladianium plating from Bright Profit. I switch back to my Caiman, but then realize I don't know where Bright Profit is. I jump to the sector that I think might link close to it, but that ends up being a bit off. Then I guess right on the second attempt and get the plating.

Next, they needed some TS ships. I could give over my Caimans, but I think three cheap Mercs will do for what they need.


The Goner were pleased, but had decided that to move forward they need their own teladianium foundry. This was a routine buy/ship/setup for a station. Teladi station transport ships are so slow, so there was a lot of waiting. It is a good thing that I had taken out that Q in SPG, or that might have been an issue.

My second station... no, it belongs to the Goner.

After this was built, I collected my pay and then saw a quick job to transport some workers. It was just one sector away, and over 2 million credits. I took the Vidar, in case any trouble cropped up, but none did. Easy money.

While I was docking to drop off the workers, I got a call that a ship with the Goner council was under attack. I jumped over and shot down the Yaki pirates that were attacking. Then another attack on a station... then another. Each time I took out the pirates, but it seems this was a distraction.

Help help!

The Yaki captured the council ship while I was away, I got it back, but Jani Hall (the Goner Beholder) had been taken. I found the ship and had to follow it, keeping my distance, across several large sectors.

Lots of this.

I had a few pirates attack me on the way, but there were no match for the Vidar's fire power. Eventually it docked at a base, but Hall managed to get a spacesuit and jump out into space (a popular options it seems). I pick him up and head out.

On the way back I got a message from the other Goner council members. They thanked me for saving them, and as a reward gave me their ship, the Truelight Seeker.

After getting Hall back, he told me that the only option was to destroy the pirate base. Well, I guess he's all for getting to the root of the matter. Well, when I get there I'm told to hold off. It seems that an Argon spy is on the station. In order to save him and blow the base I need to dock and deliver some space weed with a squash mine hidden in it, and get him off. then blow the thing remotely.

Well, that would be fine except I couldn't find anyone with squash mines. Even the two factories that produce them that I knew about were all out and lacking in resources. I got one of my trucks to buy up some Nostrop Oil and bring it to one of the mine factories, and I got some warheads. Back and forth for awhile while I let the stock pile up some. After 15 were produced, I had my truck pick them up, but kept on supplying the base to get them made.

It took awhile, but I got the 60 mines, then went to a Teladi sector that had space weed for sale. I got that and then jumped back to the pirate sector. I docked with the base, to got the Argon, and got out of there. Once we were clear I activated the mines.

The lessen here: don't mess with the Goner.

Unfortunately, I had used up most of my energy cells and couldn't jump back... it was another long flight across huge empty sectors before I got back where I could buy some energy cells and jump back to the Elysium of Light.

As a reward, the Goner gave me an "Unfocused Jumpdrive" I don't know how to use it yet, or what it does, but I have a feeling that this is going to be interesting.

Taking stock after this adventure, I found that I had lost two more of my trucks. My first Universe Trader was gone and I couldn't fine the message of what happened to it. I messed up on one of my sector traders. Scale Plate Green is right next to a Xenon sector, and I set up a trader to go up to 3 jumps out. Looks like I need to take a break from missions and just get my ships in order.