Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Space Truck'n Episode 11: Treasure Hunt part 3

[SPOILER WARNING: The following may contain spoilers for the X3:TC Treasure Hunter quest.]

I was beginning to wonder if this "treasure hunt" was really just some sort of elaborate trap or some sick game. Did this seller want to be found or was I going to keep following these clues to my death?

Hint 4
 The next clue took me awhile. What sector has four suns? How should I know? The Universe map again, held the answer, but it took some. I looked it over once, and couldn't find a sector that fit, so I did a bit of jumping an exploring beyond a few gates that I had not been through yet.

Needs better filters.

Eventually I found the right sector and jumped in. There were several nav beacons spread around, but approaching them caused a bunch of Xenon to jump in. I don't know who this joker thinks he is, but I was not laughing.

After clearing out most of the beacons, I still hadn't found the one that held the clue, and was starting to doubt it even existed. To speed up the search I bought a Disco and had it fly out and start mapping the sector.

Two are better than one.

Still, this was taking too long. Then I saw a Barracuda for sale. I picked it up, repaired the hull, then jumped in to get it outfitted to help with the search.

Boron ships are... interesting.

After getting it fit with shields and some speed upgrades, I transferred over to it and started back my search.

Found you!

I found the beacon I was looking for, and was getting ready to fly back to my Vidar if Xenon appeared, but then something strange happened. I was jumped (or should I say pulled) into another sector! Luckily there was no hostiles around (I had shields but no weapons).

Where am I now?

I got the data storage device and found my way back to my Vidar. Now I was really mad. I wanted to get to this guy now, not for the "treasure" but to punch him in the face.

On the way back I saw another ship for sale, a Buster Raider. I picked it up and repaired it. Even if I didn't use this ship, I could sell it for a gain after the repairs... but I was also considering needing some fighter escorts. Things were getting dangerous and I might need some backup.

Vidar and Buster.

For now I sent my Disco, Barracuda, and Buster to the nearest ship yard. I'd figure out what to do with them later. Now, I had to figure out the next puzzle....

An Anagram...sigh.