Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wandering the Wastes 2 - Mr. Burke

2277.08.17 - Day 1 (continued):

I didn't have time to drink my beer before a well dressed man in the corner beckoned my over to speak with him. He introduced himself as Mr. Burke and offered me a job.

Nice hat.
That job was to destroy Megaton, but attaching a remote detonator to the bomb! I though he must be joking at first, but soon realized how serious he was.

I knew that if not me, he'd eventually find someone to do this horrendous act. I told him I'd do it, then immediately went to find Sheriff Simms.

He's the law, right?
I told the Sheriff and showed him the detonator that Burke had given me. Then the Sheriff and I went back to confront Burke.

Time for a reckoning?
Burke didn't want to coorporate at first, but then agreed. As soon as the sheriff had his back turned though, Burke drew on him. I don't know what came over me, but without thinking, I took aim and shot Burke dead.

It was like time had stopped.
 The sheriff thanked me for saving his life. There was other commotion in the tavern, but I was just sort of in a daze. I had killed a man, and the thing that bothered me the most was that I wasn't bothered at all by it.

Goodbye Mr. Burke.
I took Burke's gun and his hat. Sat at the bar, and finished my beer. Less than a day outside the vault and I had learned my past was a lie, killed a man, and saved a life.

Gob, another one.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wandering the Wastes 1 - Arrival at Megaton

My name is Jasper and I'm searching for a man named James. He left me to die and I want to know why.

My early life was pretty typical I guess--typical for a vault dweller that is. But all that changed one day. I won't get into the details just now. Just know that I was suddenly forced to leave the vault and find my way in a hostile world that I was in no way prepared for.

2277.08.17 - Day 1:
I found myself outside the vault and overlooking the "Capital Wasteland". It was bright, hot, and huge. I had never seen the horizon before, and it took a moment to get use to the sensation that I wasn't surrounded by walls and a ceiling.

This is where it all began.
Down the road a bit I found the remains of a few houses, my Pipboy told me that this was Springvale. I checked the crumbling ruins of what were once typical american homes. It seems that someone had used the one of the mailboxes to stash some weapons. In another house I found a safe. Inside the vault I had taught myself something of the art of picking locks and was able to find even more useful weapons.

At the other end of "town" there was some sort of flying robot playing music. It seemed harmless and I was more interested in what it had flown past. I sign for something call "Megaton".

Signs of civilization?

I followed the direction and found a fortress looking structure. Outside was a robot that welcomed me and the guard above waved and the "gates" opened.

What the?

Inside I found a whole town built of scrap and old plane parts. The local sheriff, Lucas Simms, greeted me. This was all a bit overwhelming, but I tried to stay calm. I asked if he had seen James, but he sort of brushed off the question.

Is this what everyone outside dressed like?

I asked a bit more about this town and learned there was a live atomic bomb in the middle of town! I told him that it was crazy to live there, and that someone must disarm it. He said that if I had the skill, he'd make it worth my while to deactivate the bomb.


 Before I knew what I was saying, I accepted. I didn't know the first thing about disarming a bomb, but well I was gambling that this would get me on the good side of the sheriff and it worked. Asking again about James, he said that he did remember someone coming by and heading up to the saloon.

I told Sheriff Simms that I'd look at the bomb and get back to him. Then after glancing at the thing and not knowing the first thing to do with it, I walked slowly away (avoiding the kooks that were standing around worshiping the damn thing).

There was no time for this. I needed to get some answers, so I headed up to the saloon.

I imagine that there is a lot of drinking in a town build around a bomb.

Inside I met the first ghoul I had even seen. His name was Gob and he seemed like a decent enough guy. Then I met Colin Moriarty. I knew at once that there was something I didn't like about this guy, but he was my key to finding James.

Moriarty told me some things that I found a bit hard to believe at first. I kept my composure and bluffed a him into thinking that I knew more than I actually did. This paid off and I learned where James had gone off to after his short stay in Megaton.

But that didn't seem as important just then. James had lied to me. Everything that I knew about him was build around that lie. Then he left me and nearly got me killed. Now I was stuck, unable to return to my "home" in the vault, surround by strangers and strange things.

I traded a few of the things that I had found in Springvale for a beer. I needed a drink.

A cold one, Gob.

[To be continued...]