Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wandering the Wastes 2 - Mr. Burke

2277.08.17 - Day 1 (continued):

I didn't have time to drink my beer before a well dressed man in the corner beckoned my over to speak with him. He introduced himself as Mr. Burke and offered me a job.

Nice hat.
That job was to destroy Megaton, but attaching a remote detonator to the bomb! I though he must be joking at first, but soon realized how serious he was.

I knew that if not me, he'd eventually find someone to do this horrendous act. I told him I'd do it, then immediately went to find Sheriff Simms.

He's the law, right?
I told the Sheriff and showed him the detonator that Burke had given me. Then the Sheriff and I went back to confront Burke.

Time for a reckoning?
Burke didn't want to coorporate at first, but then agreed. As soon as the sheriff had his back turned though, Burke drew on him. I don't know what came over me, but without thinking, I took aim and shot Burke dead.

It was like time had stopped.
 The sheriff thanked me for saving his life. There was other commotion in the tavern, but I was just sort of in a daze. I had killed a man, and the thing that bothered me the most was that I wasn't bothered at all by it.

Goodbye Mr. Burke.
I took Burke's gun and his hat. Sat at the bar, and finished my beer. Less than a day outside the vault and I had learned my past was a lie, killed a man, and saved a life.

Gob, another one.